ANSI flange and machinery

ANSI flange and machinery

ANSI flange is a disk-shaped parts, the most common in the pipeline project, the flanges are used in pairs.

All in two planes used in the surrounding bolted closed simultaneously connected parts, generally known as the "flange", such as ventilation pipe connections, this type of parts can be called a "flange parts.    Pumps and valves and pipe connections, these local Equipment also made corresponding to the shape of the flange, also called a flange connection.

But this connection is only local device, such as flange connections and pumps, it is not good to pump called the "flange parts. Relatively small, such as valves, can be called "flange parts.

In the pipeline project, the flange is mainly used for the connection of the pipeline. Need to connect pipes, various mounting a flange, low-pressure pipe can be used silk flange, the use of more than 4 kg pressure welding flanges.

, LWN flange

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